Experience the incredible Finnish coast and the stunning archipelago!

The Finnish coast is 1,100 kilometres long and there are more than 81,000 islands in our sea areas. The climate, nature and culture change as you move northward, and the maze-like archipelago hides ancient secrets, natural wonders and thousands of stories.

 An old wooden boat sails on the sea.
Experience life at the sea on a wooden boat.

Establish a deep connection with sea and nature

Villages on the islands come to life in summer when cottage owners and travellers arrive. Tourism has helped many villages to maintain their traditional livelihood and craftsmanship. 

The one of a kind connection between Finnish people and nature can be seen in raw materials used, in construction methods and in leisure activities.

 A group of cottages by the sea.
An idyllic landscape in Kalajoki.

Relaxation by nature

Cottages, all-time favourites in Finland, offer one of the best ways to enjoy nature. There are rental cottages to suit all tastes. You can enjoy your time in a luxurious holiday home or retreat to an ascetic hut. However, the main features of all Finnish cottages are a sauna and location in nature. You will forget all your stress when you admire the scenery from your pier after relaxing in the sauna. A true meditation in the Finnish way: watching the calm horizon in bright summer night.

Boats offer an adventure at the sea

Boats offer an easy way to experience the atmosphere of the sea. Various cruises are available all along the coastline, often carrying passengers to popular island destinations. There are also rental boats and taxi boats in many places that take you further away.

A boat swaying on waves and the wind whistling in your hair will clear your mind. The sea guarantees an adventure for shorter and for longer journeys. Perhaps we humans are simply drawn to the sea? 

 A seal’s head is peeking from below the surface.
Curious seals often come to marvel at seafarers.

Romantic fishing villages and the wind in your sails

The long and colourful history of the coast is still vivid at numerous cultural heritage sites. You can almost hear a fisherman telling stories while mending his nets next to an old fishing hut as cows graze in the background.

The view from an old lighthouse has remained unchanged for decades and you can watch old wooden sailing boats go by. It is these kinds of things that take you back in time to the old days.

White lighthouse against a blue sky.
Marjaniemi lighthouse in the Hailuoto island.