The Korpoström Research Station and Archipelago Centre

Located on the island of Korppoo in the Parainen Municipality, the Archipelago Centre at Korpoström (N60°06'06: E21°36') is a multifunctional facility, which was founded in 2004. The Archipelago Centre is also the Archipelago Sea field station of Åbo Akademi University.

Various events, such as science and art exhibitions, archipelago seminars, lectures and theme days are organised at the Archipelago Centre in Korpoström. As a research station, it participates in and belongs to several Nordic and European research projects, as well as being part of the FINMARI consortium. The aquarium and mesocosm facilities of Åbo Akademi University are part of the MESOCOSM network.

Research at the station is focused on marine ecology. In addition to scuba diving-related work at the station, research activities are also partially involved in making inventories of the Baltic Sea and coastal nature.

At Korpoström, the research focuses on the distribution and functions of plant and animal communities of the littoral zone, sediment biogeochemistry, and functional biodiversity research, such as predator-prey-interaction relationships, fish behavioural ecology, herbivores, etc.

The station also serves as a base for terrestrial research in the archipelago. It has both indoor and outdoor aquarium facilities and wave-mesocosm tanks. Metsähallitus also operates at the Archipelago Centre in Korpoström and is also involved with marine biological activities on site.