Röyttä Island was a fishermen’s base adapted for forestry

In the Gulf of Bothnia, about four kilometres from the town of Ii, lies the island of Röyttä. The island is low in profile: its highest point is only about five metres above sea level. The shape of present-day Röyttä Island is quite new. In the 19th century it was formerly composed of three separate islands. For centuries, fishermen of the Bothnian Bay have used the island as base of operations.

The island was first used in forestry operations in the late 19th century because of its convenient location for loading timber. Bundles of timber were towed by water to Röyttä, where they were processed and stored before being shipped to Germany or England.

The flow of timber was at its peak during the 1920s and 1930s. Structures such as long breakwaters, docks, remnants of timber bindings, as well as workers' dwellings have remained on the island since then. Timber storage and shipping operations ceased on Röyttä Island in 1969.

The Iin Röyttä dock and its boat rails were renovated for small boats in 1981.

A pilot station was built on Röyttä in the late 19th century

In the Bay of Bothnia, piloting activities and the marking of sea lanes were probably carried out long before official pilotage began. A state-run sea survey was carried out between 1852 and 1870, when organised piloting also began.

Although the pilot station was formerly located on Satakari Island, it was moved to the island of Röyttä in the late 19th century as the rate of log driving and timber loading increased. Pilotage activities took place on the island for about 50 years until it was discontinued in the autumn of 1953. Port operations ceased in 1969.

Röyttä is now a Metsähallitus hiking base

After the harbour and pilotage operations ceased, the island was transferred to Metsähallitus (Finnish Forest Administration), and Röyttä was taken into use as a hiking base. In addition, local sailing clubs were granted the right to use the boat berths protected by the breakwater.

The island of Ii Röyttä seen from the sea.

The old green-painted pilot station and its outbuildings were refurbished for tourism. Next to the pilot station is the harbour workers’ residential barracks. In addition, there are many other such buildings on the island.

Today, the port of Röyttä is a popular destination for small boat owners. Surrounded by lush forests, the island has a three kilometre long nature trail with information plates about the area’s nature and history along the route. In addition, there are official places for silence and for lighting fires.

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Why and how is this location protected?

The pilot station of Röyttä Islands represents a well-preserved port and pilotage environment of the 19th and 20th century. The Finnish Heritage Agency has defined the island as a nationally significant built cultural environment. In addition, the island is part of the Natura 2000 nature protection areas of the Bothnian Bay Islands.

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The island can be visited by private boat or by ordering a boat taxi.

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