Let’s go on an expedition
to the unique Baltic Sea!

The Baltic Sea now

How is the Baltic Sea doing right now? In this section you can follow, e.g. the sea temperature and the algae situation from different sea areas. At the same time, you can learn how to make citizen observations all by yourself

Nature and how it changes

Although many people believe they know the Baltic Sea, there is much more beneath the surface than we could ever imagine. Here you will find basic information about the Baltic Sea, its inhabitants, and the things that threaten it.

Man and the Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea must be protected so that we can continue to enjoy the benefits it offers us. In this section, we learn about which industries are dependent on the Baltic Sea region and how maritime use is managed through decision-making.

Research and methods

The Baltic Sea is a real treasure trove for marine scientists! Through research, we are constantly getting new information about the unique conditions of the sea, as well as the negative factors that burden it. Find out how divers explore the sea and what a researcher’s job is like on a marine research vessel!


The Baltic Sea offers positive experiences and well-being for everyone. Take a tour of the coastal forts or dive beneath the waves to see what kind of wrecks can be found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea! When moving around in nature ecologically, you can enjoy the nature of the Baltic Sea to its fullest.

Pictures of the Baltic Sea

Dive into the Baltic Sea and experiences its shores with the help of wonderful photos! You can also download these images for your own use but please remember to review the terms and conditions for how they can be used.

Data services

Are you interested in marine data? Check out the marine-related spatial data and research materials here and download them for your own use.

Learn and study

Are you a teacher who needs extra material for environmental education? Or are you otherwise interested in learning more about the Baltic Sea? Welcome to the study area!