Wander without disturbing the marine nature

You can act in the best way for the Baltic Sea when you roam in nature and on the waters with respect for the marine environment. Let other sea goers also enjoy the magnificent Baltic Sea.

Respect nature and wander calmly

  • Wander without disturbing the peace of animals or other nature visitors.
  • Comply with the Prohibition of Access rules: take special care when moving in protected areas.
  • Do not damage the vegetation.
  • Only light fires in the places designed for them: observe the restrictions during dry periods.
  • Avoid unnecessary engine use and choose a quieter form of water transport.
  • Do not speed with your boat: drive carefully, especially in shallow natural harbours.
  • Fish for small fish species also and remember to follow the minimum size limits for different fish. Only keep larger fish and release the smaller ones.
  • Eat the fish you catch.

Boat and ramble correctly without littering nature

  • Choose sailing, rowing, and kayaking.
  • Keep your boat in good condition.
  • Clean the bottom of the boat mechanically by brushing or with a pressure washer. Avoid using toxic paints! Subscribe to the Rocco-service of the Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association. They will send a text message when barnacle larvae begin their attachment phase. This is the best time to clean the boat hull and keep it free from barnacles. Read more: Take a look at the boat bottoms - Keep the Archipelago tidy
  • If the bottom of the boat has been treated with toxic paint, take special care to prevent the cleaning water from entering the sea.
  • Dispose of harmful substances in boating (e.g. engine oil) properly and dispose of the waste at a port collection point or hazardous waste disposal centre.
  • Do not release untreated bilge water from your boat into the sea.
  • Empty the septic tank (toilet waste) of your boat at a harbour drainage facility or use a chemical or dry toilet instead.
  • Bring all food waste to an organic waste collection point
  • Do not wash dishes in the sea. Instead, use the appropriate wash facilities on land
  • Do not litter or discard bottles in nature. Bring them home with you instead.
  • Do not discard cigarette butts in nature.
  • Do not abandon nets or fishing traps in the sea.