Find out and participate

You can act in the best way for the Baltic Sea by being active in your society in many different ways.

Young people preparing for the Gulf of Finland Exhibition.

Discuss and influence others

  • Talk about the Baltic Sea and inspire your loved ones and friends to take care of it too.
  • Set a good example for others by working for the benefit of the Baltic Sea.

Contact the people making the decisions

  • Contact your regional Members of Parliament and leaders and demand that they act to help the Baltic Sea.
  • Vote for representatives who promise to act on behalf of the Baltic Sea and then follow up on their promises.
  • Take part in social debates in different forums, e.g. in social media and the opinion columns in newspapers.

Find out and suggest improvements

  • Contact different agencies, companies, and institutions to find out how they take the environment into account.
  • Ask manufacturers for information about the environmental impact of their products.
  • Require producers and retailers to offer less packaging and more environmentally friendly products.
At the Gulf of Finland Year Expo.

Go international

  • Learn about the other countries surrounding the Baltic Sea and their citizens
  • Find partners to take part in activities that benefit the Baltic Sea

Follow Baltic Sea research

  • Follow and share news about Baltic Sea research on social media

Support the protection of the Baltic Sea

  • Donate your time or money to environmental protection: take part in the activities of different organisations, e.g. voluntary beach-cleaning work
On an excursion in Porkkalanniemi.

Enjoy the sea and share your experiences

  • Hike or camp by the sea and learn more about it.
  • Take photos and share your experiences on social media.