Do laundry in an environmentally friedly way

You can act in the best way for the Baltic Sea when you make sure that your cottage’s waste management is in order. Washing and laundry should also be done with respect for nature.

Wash and do laundry organically

  • Use environmentally friendly washing detergent. Look for the Nordic Swan label!
  • Wash mats and dishes on land at proper wash facilities connected to the sewerage system.
  • If there are no such wash facilities with drainage, let the washing water or dishwater soak into the ground far from the shore.
  • By all means, dive and swim in natural waters but do not wash yourself using soaps or shampoos.


  • Compost food, garden, and toilet waste in a covered compost bin as far as possible from ditches and water bodies
  • Cover the compost bin with a lid or tarpaulin sheet

Take care of your wastewater

  • Find out which technical solution for wastewater treatment works in your cottage.